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28 October 2014


Chic Halloween Costumes

Whether you're a fashionista at heart or prefer more sophisticated fashions for holidays than most, you're probably having trouble finding a Halloween costume that's perfect for you. Amidst the sexy nurse and vampire costumes, there's not always a ton of options for classy gals. Today I'm going to give you guys some inspiration for chic, sophisticated Halloween costumes to try out this year!

Audrey Hepburn

A style icon among many, Audrey Hepburn is probably the most classic Halloween costume option you could go for! Her style is recognizable enough so that everyone will know exactly who you are. You can choose to mimic any of her signature outfits, but I would go for a classic LBD, a string of pearls, black heels and a fancy hat. If you can, don't forget a cigarette holder for an extra touch.

Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot is another beauty that everyone knows about. She has a number of stylish looks you can find for inspiration, but her biggest signature is her cat-eye makeup and big hair. Whether you're wearing a wig or are a natural blonde, go for big waves and bouffant-style volume.

Diana Ross

Diana Ross during her golden years is the perfect go-to for anyone wanting to stand out and look sophisticated. Try finding some pieces at thrift stores to pull the look together or borrow a sparkly gown from a friend in high places for a chic, glamorous look!

Victoria Beckham (or Posh Spice)

Whether you choose to go as V.B. herself or simply Posh Spice, it's up to you! Her style is another that's classic and sexy without going over the top. Try out a dark bob wig, a LBD, strappy heels and big, dark sunglasses for a chic look.

Blair Waldorf

If you don't already know who Blair Waldorf is, I suggest you do your research. Blair is a fashion icon of the show Gossip Girl (my favorite character, I might add!). She's known as one of the most fashionable TV characters of all time. Even though some of her looks are kind of outrageous, she always knows what looks great. You could try a number of her looks, but if you want to go classic Blair, don't forget the headband!

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27 October 2014


Toronto Fashion Week - The new trends for Spring 2015

After five amazing and busy days, where I was invited to the Toronto Fashion Week to see the new Spring collection 2015 of the best Canadian designers, I had to go back to my reality. 
Unfortunately, Toronto Fashion Week is over, but there are some unforgettable moments of the spring 2015 collections that was hitting the runways. During these past few days,  I noticed what are the colours, fabrics and styles that were dominate on the catwalk.
I can't wait to wear these spring 2015 trends. actually I don't mind to skip the long winter and pass right away to spring :) .
Here are the next season trends, so you can start planning your wardrobe and your budget in advance:
1. Rich colours:
Melorie Urbanovitch showcased an easy to wear collection with casual silhouettes in a bright and rich colours. The key is to go bold  and think out of the box.
2. Sculptural silhouette: 
Sid Neigum, the talented designer who won the Mercedes-Benz Start Up Contest this year, showcased an origami inspired pieces , in a neutral colours (black, white and grey) and with a clean and fresh touch for his spring collection.

Mikael Kale also represented in his spring collection in sharp architectural shapes and origami-inspired detailing, but with sex appeal into it. The sculptural pieces were balanced perfectly with sheer fabrics and pastels colours. 
mikhael k
3. Feminine dresses
Spring 2015 is all about dresses. Caitlin Power's outstanding presentation was Featuring 12 modern and fashion forward dresses in colour blocked with peekaboo details. 
power women
The stylish dresses of Blak. I' s spring 2015 collection were in a different length and with an abstract prints  in white, blue and black.
4. sporty chic
Melissa Neptune showcased a sporty chic collection for spring 2015, which are very trendy right now.  The design is fresh and effortless, while the ocean colours are the ultimate spring-summer signature .
Eliza Faulkner's spring 15 collection is all about the sporty details as well. the feminine pieces also in blue and white platte is  a prove that sporty look can also be chic and stylish.
Author : Liat Neuman - Fashion blogger at Yomanchic

20 October 2014


5 Coats You Need for Fall

Among the many items needed to get ready for fall, picking the right coat (or coats!) is the most important choice. What's hot for this fall? Let's look at the top 5 coats you need!

1. Trench coat

Trench coats are one of the ultimate sophisticated coats a woman can own. There's something so chic about them! Whether you prefer the reporter look with a khaki colored trench or a sensual look with a black coat, this is definitely a staple for fall.

2. Leather jacket

Who doesn't love a good leather jacket? What's great about leather jackets is that they're so versatile. They can be dressed up or down, depending on the style of the jacket and what you pair it with. They also keep you warm on cold fall evenings. Opt for either a sleek sophisticated cut or a studded moto jacket.

3. Chic raincoat

Raincoats are so underestimated by the fashion world sometimes. Not only are they practical, but they can be so stylish! Choose one in a bright color if you want to add some color to those dark, rainy days. You can also choose a sleek black one if you don't want to stand out in a crowd too much.

4. Denim jacket

Denim jackets are great for any woman who loves casual outfits. They're a great transitional piece between summer and fall, and fall into winter. They can be as light or as heavy as you prefer, depending on the style. I like a nice light wash denim vest or a dark wash denim jacket.

5. Pea coat

If you don't need anything else on this list, you NEED a pea coat. Pea coats are chic, well-made, and they keep you super warm. They're perfect for those who live in really cold climates. A pea coat is the perfect way to look put together in a second. These coats are definitely worth investing in - purchase a great one now and you won't need another one for years and years, if ever!

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12 October 2014

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How to wear plaids

Fall is officially here, It’s hard to admit but I am really loving it. The spectacular display of colour and the way the leaves cover the ground, make me accept the fact that the summer has gone. Wearing plaids is the best way to embrace the fall in a stylish way. Plaid is all over this season. This is actually a trend that never goes out of style, but this season, in addition to the classic plaid shirts, you can find the tartan print in Ponchos, jackets, dresses and even in bags and shoes.
Bag:Marc Jacobs, Poncho: Delpozo, Jacket: Vivienne Westwood: RTW Fall 2104 (image: Imaxtree)

I’ll never get tired of this pattern (trust me I get tired of things very quickly) because It gives a sophisticated twist to any fall look, especially when pairing it with dark colours. like grey and black.  I can defiantly say that this traditional print is anything but old fashion. Whatever you looking for a comfy and oversized plaid shirt, that nailed the grungy ‘90s look or you want to rock it with a fashionable, edgy piece like the tartan trousers, and even if you are aiming for a classier option, like an elegant checks coat with pairs of heels, plaid has them all, just choose your favourite piece…

Here are some tips of how to wear plaid in a creative way:
Plaid with plaid
For a daring look, you can rock the trend with plaid from head to toe.
Pre - fall 2014 McQ Alexander McQueen

Shirt tied around the waist
Wrapping the shirts around the waist is a great way to add grungy feel.

London fashion week (Harpers Bazaar, Image: Diego Zuko)

The full skirt
 For a girly look with a cool fresh twist wear the romantic plaid skirt with a crop top. 
Eleonora Carisi - NY Fashion Week (Image: vanessa jackman)

Sophisticated plaid 
The ultimate piece for cold season is a wool dress. It's create a softer approach and it always look classy.

Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2014 RTW 

Just a touch 
 A plaid scarf is a great way to wear this trend without going overboard.

Author : Liat Neuman - Fashion blogger at Yomanchic

9 October 2014

The Lookout: Fall Hairstyle Trends

With fall right around the corner (I know it pretty much IS fall, but where I'm from isn't cool enough yet!), we fashionistas have got to get our clothes and makeup on point. But what about hair? If you're trying out new trends with your style, your hair should definitely not be left out of the fun. Consider switching up your 'do with some of these hairs trends for the fall!

8 October 2014

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In the lead up to the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival I thought I would share with you five of my planning tips to get show ready. These tips are transferable to getting ready for an event like a wedding, ball or big birthday party.

1. Make sure you are physically ready
I make sure in the weeks prior that I have booked and gotten myself along to the hairdresser to have my hair cut and coloured if need be, booked into get my eyebrows shaped, and later if need be to get my hair blow dried. The beauty of a good blowdry and style is that the look can last you a few days, so you really don’t have to waste time or stress over getting your hair right. I know for one that I feel a lot more put together if my hair is sitting just right.
Other pre-pamper tasks may include getting your nails painted (go for a shade which will carry across your various looks- and no, the “French manicure” is not chic at all). At the moment I am just so over the patterned, OTT cutesy, slogan dressing that has been seen at various fashion weeks for the past couple of years, so I am not partying up my nails. Keep it simple. Elegance never goes out of style.
Alison-Jade-BB-Cream,-Eye-Pencils2. Restock your Cosmetics
Make sure all of your cosmetics are stocked up. Ensure that you have a killer bold lip colour to wear to at least one event, that you have enough foundation and concealer to lighten dark under eye circles.
Exfoliate regularly, particularly the night prior to an event if you plan on taking photos. It will lift the dead skin cells, brighten your face and leave it smoother. Then tone and moisturise. Rose-hip oil is the best overnight treatment.
If need be watch Youtube tutorials and practice to get that eyeliner just right. If in doubt, forget about it. The cat-eye liner can look cool, but only when done right. It can really date your look- something to be mindful of if you are not into the ‘vintage’ thing. If it is not your strong suit, think like Elin Kling- cool Scandinavian and no mascara. That is fresh.
3. Outfit Plan & Fix
Work out how many events you are going to and make sure that you have outfits planned. If you need to buy a top to go with a great new skirt you bought to wear, find one with plenty of time to spare. And don’t waste a lot of your hard earned cash to buy an outfit for one event. You are smarter than that!
Think as a stylist would, pull as many looks as you need, try them on, snap a phone photo for reference, and save yourself time later worrying about having nothing to wear. Spend the time pre-event eating a snack, as you know it will go right through regular dinner hours.
If you are like me, my heels tend to need new stoppers oh every forth wear, so make sure you take them to the cobblers well in advance, even if you don’t think you will wear them. That one pair of over-worked black heels will be the exact thing you need when you least expect it, so make sure they are good to go.
4. Know Where To Go and Don’t Drink Too Much
It seems obvious, but any new event you go to that starts after work or anytime around peak hour (which always happens), is going to be a dash to get to. Shorten the stress by pre-working out where to go, where to park and plan your route. If you are out all night, it is worth also looking for a decent restaurant nearby to get dinner.
All events give you drinks; just make sure you have eaten prior to finishing off a few sparkling wines. You never know when you will get to meet someone who’s work you admire, you don’t want to leave a bad impression. I have seen countless events where young bloggers sip drinks on an empty stomach only to get sillier with their selfies as the night wears on. Again, keep it elegant, if you attend as media in particular, you represent your brand, and no one forgets drunken behaviour on a PR list. (Note: Riffling through a gift bag in public is also on the non-elegant list! Wait till you get home and be surprised with your gifts!)
Heart_Bleeker_Sass_Spice5. Check the Tech
Finally, charge your phone and camera batteries, clear your memory cards and do not forget your tickets!

Photographs By: Heidy Saeran, Mario Recchia, Laura Liy and Jenelle Witty

AUTHOR: Jenelle Witty

2 October 2014

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Street style trends: It's all about the accessories...

As a fashion blogger who breathe and live fashion, the event of the big four fashion weeks (New York, London, Milan and Paris) is always a great source of inspiration
Alongside the runway show, there is also the street style. This event gather together “real" (fashionable) people around the world with an outstanding sense of style, which stimulating me to think more outside the box with my own style.
Nowadays style bloggers become the trend setters and they have a huge impact on the fashion industry. 
This season the accessories were the focal point for all these fashion lover. It was a parade of colourful and bold printed bags, Over the knee boots, Bright sunglasses and of course the sneakers, that were featured everywhere in any colour or print. 

Here are what I picked up from all of these big four cites in the fashion weeks: 

1. Colourful Bags: 

On the street, bold patterns, colourful and vibrant bags were the popular choice. Statement bag are the accessory that every fashionista has to have. From bright red to crazy prints or fur details, like the cute furry monsters,which also seen hanging from some of the most appreciated fashionable pepole in the industry( Anna Dello Russo and Chiara Ferragni).

2. Over the knee boots:

when it comes to the street, over the knee boots have been seen everywhere. It is a wonderful statement piece that spice up the look and and adding a touch of sex appeal and edge to any outfit you choose to wear.

3. Bright sunglasses :

In the sunny days of the fashion month, the bright sunglasses were spotted everywhere by the fashionistas. It is defiantly add a cool and fun element even when pairing them with a classy solid look.  

4. Sneakers:

The sporty shoes has been observed at the street level for quite a while, but seems like this season it becomes the hottest trend.
It’s not only about the comfort - Pulling off the sneakers in a stylish way, gives a chic downtown street style vibe. 

Image credit: Diego Zuko, Kuba Dabrowski, Vincenzo Grillo

Author : Liat Neuman - Fashion blogger at Yomanchic

1 October 2014


Life, Love, & Shoes

Have you ever bought something that did not exactly fit right, but you decided to purchase it anyway simply because you wanted it too much?

Well, I found myself facing a similar problem a few days ago. I went to the SM Aura shopping mall last Monday to celebrate a friend's birthday. While browsing through a couple of stores, I came across this amazing pair of black spiked slip-ons that I immediately knew I had to have in my closet! Honestly, it was love at first sight.

After trying them on, I could say that they were perfect. The fact that they were spiked and sparkly (a blend of edginess and glamour) really appealed to me. But wait! There was only one problem . . . They did not exactly 'fit'. Darn my size 9 feet!

I asked the store associates if they had a pair in my size, but unfortunately they didn't. Size 8 was the largest size that they had available.

Oh no! What do I do?

Of course, since I wanted the shoes so badly, I decided to make a list of reasons of why I should get them (as opposed to why I shouldn't lol).

1) They weren't THAT tight on me. Sure, they felt a little uncomfortable, but beauty is pain, right? RIGHT?
2) I can always bring an extra pair of shoes with me in case the size 8 shoes started hurting my feet too much.
3) They're spiked.
4) They're sparkly.
5) Need I say more?

However, as I was about to purchase them, my friend told me to walk around the store for a little bit and see if I could tolerate the discomfort that the shoes were causing me. Reluctantly, I agreed.

I spent a good 15 minutes walking around the shop and browsing through the other items. After that, though, I had to give it up. The shoes started to cause me extreme pain! Since they were too small, they were making my toes bend at awkward angles every time I took a step. I guess they weren't "perfect" after all. I guess it wasn't meant to be.

This started to get me thinking about real-life relationships in terms of shoes.

At first glance, it may seem perfect to you. Maybe you'd even go so far as to call it "destiny". So you try it on, hoping for the best, and even though you start noticing that something is wrong, you force yourself to believe that everything is okay as long as you "bear the pain".

After a while, the pain becomes too much for you to handle, but still you try to tough it out. I mean, it's perfect! It's everything you ever wanted! The pain will be worth it in the end, right?

THE ANSWER IS NO. Just like the pair of sparkly spiked shoes that caught my heart, eventually you'll get tired of the pain, and you'll decide that they're no longer worth the agony and the stress that they are imposing upon you. Eventually you'll have to accept that no matter how much you want it, IT DOESN'T WANT YOU. And the worst part is, you'll end up hurting yourself while the shoes remain perfectly intact. 

I wanted the shoes even though they were too small for me. I really, really did. I even made up so many excuses to convince myself they were worth it. In the end, though, I did not end up purchasing them. Because I realized something . . .


So even though it broke my heart to leave the shoes behind, I knew that one day, I'll find another pair . . . An even better pair. A pair that won't hurt whenever I wear them. A pair that fits just right.

And THAT will be worth it.

"With the right person, you don't have to work so hard to be happy. It just happens, effortlessly."

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29 September 2014


Fall Beauty Trends for 2014

Now that October is almost upon us, everybody's getting excited in preparation for fall fashion. Since you already know what fashion pieces are must-haves for the fall (if you missed that post, read it here), let's see what beauty trends you should look out for this fall.


60s INSPIRED                   BARELY THERE

BRIGHT COLORS                     BIG LASHES

DEFINED EYES                     METALLICS


27 September 2014

, ,

Must have pieces for Fall 2014

The great thing about the change of seasons has always been the shopping. I love the Fall fashion mostly because of  the colour scheme, especially the rich hue, the cozy knits and of course buying new pair of boots or more (my favourite part).
So here are 5 key pieces to start the fall with style:
1. Cozy knit:
The oversized sweaters become one of the fall’s most wearable trendthat’s means that you can feel comfortable without neglecting the fashionable appearance. When it’s come to cardigan and sweaters think big. The relaxed fit is the key to be on track. 
2. Sweat pants
I am totally obsessed with this sports luxe trend. Leather jogging pants add a sense of comfortable and it can be easily dressed up or down. For a chic and polish look just wear it with heels and a blazer, or add sneakers and T shirt for a casual yet cool look.
     DKNY, G-Star, Adidas
3. Poncho:
Other fall essential is the poncho. It's a strong statement that instantly upgrade any look. The biggest designer as Burberry, Roberto Cavalli, Sacai and Tommy Hilfiger wrap their models with these cozy throw on blankets. I can't wait to get my hand on this stylish piece

4. Lug sole and platform booties:
Lug sole is also extended this fall. These shoes are inspired by the grunge spirit of the '90s and seems like it's here to stay. This eye catching sharp element can make your outfit standout and create a fashion forward bold statement.especially when you pair it with a classic skirt or dress  forward bold. 
5. Fringe bag:
Fringes are everywhere and it’s truly refined the boho-gipsy look, that are very trendy this season. Bag is defiantly the quickest way to incorporate with the trend without looking like you are trying too hard. I believe that accessories are the key element for the whole look and can make a statement.
    Roberto CavalliEdun, Michael Kors

Author : Liat Neuman - Fashion blogger at Yomanchic

23 September 2014

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Kelsey Vickers: Milan Fashion Week 2014 Highlights

I really loved the looks from this line. It was full of feminine, light pieces that seemed to flow seamlessly off the bodies of the models. I especially loved the color scheme of creme, purple, mauve, and green shades. It was gorgeous! 

This line was full of boyish styles and boxy cuts - I loved it! I appreciate any pieces that can be identified as androgynous or menswear inspired. The colors were fairly muted, with the exception of the bright blue ensembles. It was overall super chic.

I absolutely ADORED this line. Inspired by the 70s, it was full of fringe, eye-catching prints, and daring cuts. 

The line this year was inspired by the Spanish influence on Sicily between the 1500s and 1700s. And it was absolutely fabulous! Full of floral embroidered prints, black lace, and red prints. I thought the Spanish influence was an excellent idea and loved what they came up with.

This line was pretty different from what Versace usually goes for. Donatella said that these looks were about a "new, fresh Versace." And she was definitely on the mark! It was full of asymmetrical lines, brighter colors, and mod cuts. I really liked it. 


To check out the rest of the lineup for the Milan Fashion Week, click here.

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22 September 2014

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Hayley-Eszti: London Fashion Week SS15: My highlights

Tom Ford
This collection was just everything. My favourite collection of the season, and not just because my good friend Jake was part of the hair team. It was sexy, sassy, glam rock and I LOVED it.

Tropical and glamorous. I loved the tropical prints, but I also loved the plain black and white dresses that were seen in the collection. From Victorian silhouettes to sultry necklines, the models looked like they were walking down a runway in the amazon and it was a beautiful, fun and interesting show from start to finish. 

Bora Aksu
That purple veil is just my favourite thing. Romantic, and fairytale-esque, the collection was soft and saccharine, with sheer sleeves, crochet and lace detailing and frills, it was delicate and magical.

Antonio Berardi 
I just love the bright oranges and reds that were used in this collection. The collection was diverse, bright and fun, light and airy, and sexy and elegant. With hourglass Silhouettes, to soft and ruffled, this collection featured some absolute dream designs. 

What was your favourite collection of the season?