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ML(Mode Lab) is online magazine on blogger platform where EVERYBODY is a writer. At first we wanted to change meaning of fashion blogging to make it closer to journalism and farther away from just outfit posting. But more articles you, guys, sent us the more we were thinking about making more categories. And here we are our journalist's lab is no more just about mode(fashion) but about everything
We are publishing almost everything(see below) from everyone. Our motto is: Everyone is a journalist. Don't be scared of sending us your piece of work. We're kind and we don't bite ;)


  1. Almost everything depends on you: lenght, photos, video and etc
  2. Photos must be larger than 400x400 px
  3. NO! OUTFIT POSTS sorry for red, but almost 40% articles you sent us is your outfits. We don't publish any kind of self-styling. ONLY if we ask you to make article about your style or something like that. Save our time, we training you as journalist not as self stylist!
  4. Any kind of promotional posts will be deleted! If you send more than three posts like that, we'll add you as spammer ;)
  5. Don't like our editing? Send it to


Subject: Category&Name of the article
Don't forget about adding your name&site/blog



editor-in-chef: Nastya Kono

 editor: Kelsey Vickers
 blog,  pinteresttwiinsta

editor: Liat Neuman

 editor: Mika Ishikawa
 fb,   insta

 editor: Louise Delovieres

 editor: Patrick Joseph Castro LeaƱo
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full-time journalist: Mary Anthony
full-time journalist: Kyle Rodriguez


Wanna be editor or illustrator? Wanna work on ML MAG with us? Have many ideas of making this project better? If yes, send us your application to

For wannabe full-time journalist: Send your name, age, few articles(or your blog post, anything) to 


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