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15 September 2014




First of all there will be no article from Unique fashion week. I accidently caught the cold and I wasn't able to go at events. I am sorry.

I guess all of you have seen updates on the site like our new about page, layout and subscribe. We're growing so fast, all thanks to you!

Our tumblr is now broadcasting all the best from fashion weeks. Check it out! Link is in our sidebar!

And something about our new category Style Log by Kyle! Kyle is very good in writing about style and his articles are helping you to find great style! Stay tuned, more articles to go!

I need a help!

What editors should do:

  • searching for potential writers, contacting them
  • doing pr(mostly commenting on blogs)
  • redacting articles(making them look like this)
  • posting at our tumblr blog
What ML will do for you:
  • you can ask for accreditation as ML Mag editor on fashion events
  • your name will be in our about page
  • you can publish your articles
  • we will write for you recomendation letter, if you'll need one
  • no money sorry its freelance project
How to apply: 
  • Send to your name, age and why you want be our editor
  • I will contact you as soon as possible!

Ml is very thankful for all support!